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Boys with prize heifers at 4 H Club Fair at Charleston, W. Va. October 1921 (Library of Congress)

Written in 2007, this bit of wisdom stands the test of time and a video of this poem is available on the home page of this site.

Are you raisin’ a critter
Yer gonna eat some day?
Are ya lookin’ at havin’ him
Pit broiled, skewered, or filleted?

Now, if yer gonna eat it
Be careful what you name it
Call it Biscuit, Gravy, Spuds,
If yer gonna claim it.

‘Cause if you name him Freckles,
Cuddles, Baby Doll or Dude,
Yer family won’t allow you
To have him barbequed!

You’d become the monster
That took away their friend!
You’d become a murderer
That caused it’s life to end!

So name that piggy, Porkchops,
Or Little Bacon Bits.
Call that critter, T-Bone, Chuck,
Onion, Sirloin Tips with Grits.

Pick the names carefully
For those critters raised for food.
Call them any of those names,
That can be breaded, fried or chewed.

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